Micronized fractions

Micronized fractions represent a group of limestone products characterized by high chemical purity, with a precisely defined upper size limit and a specific granulometric structure. It is widely used in the rubber industry, construction, paint and varnish industry, glues, mortars, glass production. That is why we offer extended pallets of micronized fractions and daily increase the pallets at the request of our customers.

Vratkal 2

Residue on 45μm sieve 0.02%
Top cut(d98%) 10μm
Mean particle size(d50%) 3μm
Particles <= 2μm 39%

Whiteness of: <= 93.7%

vratkal 5

Residue on 45μm sieve 0.2%
Top cut(d98%)  20μm
Mean particle size(d50%) 4,5μm
Particles <= 2μm 28%

Whiteness of: <= 93.7%

vratkal 15

Residue on 200μm sieve 0.1%
Top cut(d98%) 23μm
Mean particle size(d50%) 13μm
Particles <= 2μm 18%

Whiteness of: <= 93.5%

vratkal 40

Residue on 250μm sieve 0.1%
Top cut(d98%)   110μm
Mean particle size(d50%) 26μm
Particles <= 2μm 16%

Whiteness of: <= 93%