50 Years of Experience and Tradition
Large reserves of high-quality and chemically clean raw materials
Production quality according to European standards
Manufacturer of high-quality fractions of calcium carbonate, concrete elements, paints and plasters

Together we are changing the future

A.D. IGM Vratnica from Vratnica is a building materials industry that has been operating and surviving for almost five decades. From the mine for the exploitation of calcium carbonate stone and sand and the separation, we produce high-quality sands of all types of construction fractions that meet all the necessary criteria and norms.

Culture of Urban Living

Our products are made from natural materials, have an aesthetic appearance, offer possibilities for many combinations and are easy for reconstruction. In addition, the elements that we produce are practical and can be installed very easily according to the "do it yourself" principle. Our products beautify your environment and make it ecologically healthy and clean. 

Part of constructed objects:

Со нашите референци сме познати и надвор од нашата држава. Доказ на нашиот квалитет се и нашите ценети и лојални купувачи.

Нашите производи од бетонска галантерија го красат Cevahir Sky City, како и Cevahir Mall Skopje.

Guaranteed quality

We are the only company that manufactures according to European industries. Our many years of experience is a guarantee for quality, which is controlled by the Materials Testing Institute "Skopje" AD - Skopje and issues certificates for it.