White one-component waterproof powder construction adhesive based on cement, mineral fillers and additives. It is intended for masonry and levelling of aerated concrete and other autoclaved concrete elements (Ciporex, Xella, Itong, Silkapor, etc.), as well as for gluing plasterboard boards and other light building thermal materials on the wall, floor and ceiling.


SPEKTROkol Blok is used at temperatures of +5оC to +35оC. The substrate and the elements to which it is applied must be flat, solid, and clean before applying the adhesive. It is mixed by machine or by hand with water in a ratio of 3:1, it is left to stand for 10 to 20 minutes and then it is mixed well once again and it is ready for use.


SPEKTROkol Blok is applied with a flat or toothed trowel for installing plasterboard and other lightweight thermal materials on walls, floors and ceilings. It is recommended to use VRAT PRIMER Grund if the substrate is old/porous plaster or VRAT PRIMER Kontakt if the substrate is concrete. In case the substrate is distinctly uneven and/or damaged, before applying SPEKTROkol Blok, it is recommended to fill and level the substrate with SPEKTROkol Basic. For masonry of gas-concrete bricks, it is recommended to use a toothed shovel for effective use of the prepared mixture. Then the joints between the elements are filled and leveled (grouted) with a trowel or trowel. The prepared mixture can be used within 2 to 4 hours on the 20оС.


2-3kg/m2 depending on the type of substrate.


Natron bag of 25 kg.


To be stored in dry rooms in the original packaging at a temperature of +5оC to +35оС.

Best before

12 months from the date printed on the package.